Vapuric is a.k.a. Vapur13. A graffiti inspired artist with a light background in realism and mixed media and has been painting walls for 6+ years. His work revolves around large scale murals and aims to soon incorporate landscapes and characters, bringing fine art elements around a developing graffiti style.

Commissioned Murals

Vapur Trails: A - Z

Vapur13 X Morgan Cooper // Music: "Break" by Barrel Maker X D/WILL, aka. (BLK FLANL)

Vapur13 X Morgan Cooper // Music: "Hands High" by BLK FLANL

Vapur13 // Music: "State" by Barrel Maker X D/WILL

Vapur13 // Music: "BLK FLANL 2" by Barrel Maker X D/WILL

Original Art