VoiceOneArts came about, around 2013, through the necessity of representing an eclectic portfolio and modes of practice. Orchestrated by Beau Raines, VOA now serves to be a platform of independent arts, collaborations, promotions, and contracted production. We provide media content through the lens, whether it be production or documentation, static photographs or vivid video, VoiceOneArts brings you a variety of content! What started as a little YouTube channel for learning about graffiti and a Nikon D60 for capturing the neighborhood has now become a major platform for competitive video production and professional photography work. Not only have we begun to represent ourselves, but aim high to heavily promote and support those of whom collaborate with our services and support the production of our one of a kind artworks. It is important that we share the creative potential of those working with and around our own projects in hopes to help build up our large community as well as our local artists; and even those we hope to travel to soon! As the platform continues to hold ground, we have our sites set on international travel to further broaden our collaborators and sources for inspiration and content! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you may have, or ideas you would like to see VoiceOneArts take more of an interest in as community and engagement are top priorities!

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Kansas City Master Piece 2018 Mural Project
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10" x 20" high quality digital print.

Custom frame included!

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Original acrylic painting by Vapuric.

Acrylic and aerosol on 12" x 24" canvas.

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Teamster T-Shirt
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     To keep our followers up to date with new projects and events, we love taking advantage of social media such as Instagram and Facebook. The best part about these platforms is how easy they make it for everyone to get involved and engage over critique, sharing of ideas, brain storming, and just over all giving our viewers every opportunity to voice their opinions. We seriously appreciate feedback and want to be sure and provide every chance for our viewers to do so! Enjoy a few of the most recent posts from our official Instagram page below:

     And while Instagram has been an incredible tool for helping keep the community active and updated, YouTube is the platform where all of this began! Over the last 6 years, the official YouTube channel has gone through many ups and downs, and our wonderful followers have been nothing shy of the greatest support! Please subscribe to the channel for updates on all the new official productions as soon as they drop! You can check out one of the latest published videos below:

Video produced by VoiceOneArts www.voiceonearts.com Audio produced by Studio B Muzik Recording Artist: Apollo Title: Foreign SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/apolloinitiative/foreign .

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