Video Projects

  VoiceOneArts is always open to new collaborations and building new relationships with other creators, so if you feel like there is something we can create as a team, feel free to contact us!

Edited and Produced by: VoiceOneArts

Still footage contribution from @Kromed_Out on Instagram


KC Techno's Anniversary Party

     If you know the graffiti scene in KCMO, you know Kultured Chameleon graffiti supply shop. When VoiceOneArts first made it out to Kansas City, we had the great fortune of meeting the owner of Kultured before anyone else, immediately we got to making something with just a couple of local artists. Enjoy some heavy styles of the Midwest!

Morpho Official Promo

     Morpho House is fashion designed by Lizzie Grace. Currently based out of Kansas City, Missouri, Lizzie has been successfully hand making a unique line of original and innovative styles. Her work is all for sale online and we look forward to creating more content together in the near future!

Tiffany's Hang-drum

     Tiffany is a wonderful nomadic friend of ours who specializes in several creative crafts. Her latest endeavors have been motivated in learning to play the hand-pan. We really enjoyed the opportunity to piece this very quick project together, almost entirely on the fly, documenting just a few of her first few techniques to have learned; And look forward to doing another in the future to capture how much she has learned since.

Music Videos

Holt - Steady Zonin'

     "Steady Zonin'," off the Visions Mixtape, is the first ever official music video production of VoiceOneArts. The piece features Holt, an up and coming rapper out of Warrensberg, Missouri. We took this fortunate opportunity to create a learning experience that would elevate the level at which both Holt and VOA would continue to progress. The project was such a great and fun success!

Holt - All Summer [Ft. Apollo + Jemz]  

    Apollo and Jemz make an appearance for this second production we did for Holt's spring-fever single titled, "All Summer" off of the album, Scars.

Poluigi - Panel Poppin'

     Having caught wind of work with Holt, Clogged Rusto Designs reached out with plans to promote a new EP, Season of the Tuff, which features Poluigi, the Hobo Clown, who represents a unique style and take on original street wear provided by CRD. After creating this wicked-fun first project, we decided to continue making a video for every track on the album to complete the total visual and audible representation of Clogged Rusto Designs.

Poluigi - Rusto Formula

     Clogged Rusto Designs returned to collaborate with Poluigi in a follow up episode from the original EP, Season of the Tuff.

Apollo - Foreign

     This new single features artist Apollo, who we previously worked with when he featured in Holt’s single and official video titled, “All Summer.”